CPT Covid 19 Procedures

The Center for Pediatric Therapy will begin to slowly open its doors to in-clinic sessions beginning Monday, May 4, 2020. We have been preparing for this day for the last few weeks and are so excited to see some of our little buddies. In order to make this transition safely and with the highest regard for the health of our clients, staff and community, we will be following the Louisiana Department of Health Guidelines as put forth on April 20, 2020. This states that “all healthcare providers offer – when medically appropriate and when the same standard of care can be met – a telehealth mode of delivery, rather than an in-person visit.”

Specific criteria as to what qualifies a patient for a face to face visit has been put forth by the LDH and the LPTA and we are using this criteria to help us determine who should be coming into the clinic at this time.

We have several patients who were waiting for the clinic to reopen instead of using the tele-therapy services. At this time, we request that you please reconsider attempting a tele-therapy session to help us determine if your child can utilize this as a means to meeting their therapy goals or if they need to be considered as a face to face visit. If you feel that face to face is the only option that will work for your child and you are ready to begin returning to the clinic, please call the front desk and we can discuss this option with your therapist.

You should be hearing from our office if your child’s authorization for therapy is expiring soon, if your child is due for an update to assess their progress towards goals, or if you originally elected to wait on tele-therapy services. We are concerned that many insurance companies will begin to deny services if monthly reassessments are not kept up to date and if patients appear to plateau or decline due to non-attendance. With schools being closed and a long summer looming, this is a great time to work on functional skills through tele-therapy sessions.

Here are some of the extra measures will be taking in the clinic:

A. We ask any client who has been ill or had contact with a Covid19 positive person within the last 14 days to avoid in-clinic sessions.

B. All clients will have their temperature taken before entering. If their temperature is above 100.4 degrees, they will not be allowed to enter. Their appointment will be re-scheduled for a later date.

C. All clients will be met at the door by their therapist. Parents can wait outside or in their cars for the child to finish. They will be walked back to the door or the car for an update while they meet their parent.

D. If a parent is needed in the session, only one parent and no siblings will be allowed into the clinic.

E. Any adult entering must wear a face mask. Children can wear a face mask if their parent provides one but this is not mandatory.

F. Any client or adult entering the clinics will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer for both their child and themselves.

G. The clinic waiting rooms will remain closed and seats will be removed.

H. Front Office staff will be working remotely or in the office on a reduced capacity to lower the amount of individuals in the clinic at one time.

I. All front office interactions with patients/caregivers will happen remotely.

       i. No face to face interactions.
      ii. Appointments will be made via text, email or telephone call.
     iii. Insurance questions and payments will be facilitated via telephone calls or credit cards on file.

J. Therapy sessions:

       i. Therapists will wear masks during the therapy sessions.
      ii. Only one therapist and child per treatment space.
     iii. All toys and surfaces will be disinfected between treatments.
     iv. All ball pits will be off limits for the foreseeable future.